Family Portrait

Whether it is Christmas eve or an annual family gathering, these are the moments you would want to capture. Making memories is all you need in life so that you can recall them and keep yourself happy.


If you are looking for family portrait photography, we can do that for you. We shoot family reunions, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, family gatherings, family dinner or any occasion where you gather making memories.

You can either get a studio family portrait or for larger groups you can choose any outdoor location of your choice and we can capture great photos there. We can use easily switch between backgrounds and angles frequently and capture different style photos. 

Outdoor family shoots have more room for creativity. You can either stand in a group or indulge yourself in an activity, playing or enjoying a picnic with your little ones while we capture the best moments for you. 

Formal Family Portrait can be taken in a studio dressed in formals. Whether it is your child’s graduation day, or you just had a promotion at work. Studios can be great for photography; we can use a different style of lightings or try different poses while sitting or standing with a perfect formal background. 

Informal Family Portrait can also be taken in a studio having your little ones climb your shoulder or play around while you look at them. This works better with lighter backgrounds and can be done in a variety of backgrounds with different lighting styles. You can wear your favourite jeans or any sort of casual wear you want.