People of the world


Travel & Lifestyle Portrait

My love for traveling and adventures makes me explore and learn more about different cultures. Travel and photography are what I love to do. Taking photos of random people along my ways and then looking at the different occupations in the world. Some of those photos can be viewed in my portfolio. 

Children playing in the pool and fields, an old farmer working in his field. Whenever I point my camera towards these people, they tend to smile for me and give the best expression they could.

Seeing them working hard and then suddenly changing their expressions to a beautiful smile is what mesmerises me.

I have explored various civilisations and cultures through my love for photography and traveling. Every photo I take has a different story behind it. I have been doing this for the last 7 years and when I look at each picture, I can recall that story.


The places I go, the people I meet, all come as a flashback to me like the boatman in Cambodia, the rice farmers in Vietnam, the fisherman at Hoi An, the Monks of Cambodia, the little boy swimming in Phu Quoc. All this also makes me think about the struggles behind those wrinkled faces of all these people.

One surely gets to learn a lesson for their life seeing and meeting such brave and interesting people of the world.