Pets Portraits

Pet photography is its own kind of genre of photography these days. Whether it is for a pet show or your furry friend has its own Instagram feed,


Rich Wiltshire Portraits offers you the best pet portraits service. If you consider your pet an important figure in your life and a part of you then why not get your best friend in the spotlight. 

You can either get a solo portrait for your pet or get yourself photographed with your best friend. 

We can also give you the option of having your photos in portrait and landscape. If you want to enjoy some playtime with your pet and have us capture those beautiful moments, we can sure do that for you. Be it indoors or outdoors, we capture great moments with awesome people with their amazing animals. 

Pets do have feelings and if they are emotionally attached to you, you know how expressive they are. So why not get those precious expressions seized for a life-time memory.


Get your pet an exclusive  photoshoot.

We take perfect shots of you and your pet, edit them for you and let you choose from a wide range of sizes, mounts, and frames.