Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is an art that involves a person or group of people being captured. We use effective lights, backdrops, and poses. A portrait picture can serve many purposes from usage on personal business or display in your lounge room, office, etc.

Being in front of the camera can either make you conscious or shy. At Rich Wiltshire Portraits we give you the option to choose your favourite dress so that you be comfortable in what you love to wear and choose your favourite location where you like to spend time. Making you feel comfortable and relaxed is our top priority so that the photo comes as naturally as possible. 

Whether you are looking for a solo shoot or a family portrait or you need a portrait with your partner. We can give you the best of service.

Your photoshoot can last up to 1-2 hours. We can suggest you some poses or give portrait ideas based on our experience. We give you the option of changing the outfits and, suggest theme photography ideas so that you enjoy the whole shoot. You may also have a personal stylist to prepare you for the shoot so that you can make your portrait photoshoot a memorable one.

With almost 400 photos we allow you to choose the best among them for a private viewing. We also edit your photos in a professional way to make your photos unique and more artistic. Either you want a b&w portrait or a portrait collage we can do all for you.

Some customers do like their photos in an all-natural way. If you do not want to dress up formally and want to be in your own comfort zone, working in your fields or having a fun day with family at the beach. We can work things out for you and get you an excellent portrait photography service.